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Last updated: 12 Mar 2020 / 2:35 PM / GMT

In the following guide, you will get more familiar with the Webhooks section of the InPlayer Dashboard.

The last option in the Account Management menu are the Webhooks.

Webhooks are used for creating or updating a platform action/operation tracker, for syncing data between platforms, or for fetching results of backend operations of an application.
In simple terms, it is a way you can set up notifications about various events happening on the InPlayer Platform.
This includes things like receiving a notification whenever a customer registers an account, completes a payment, cancels a subscription etc, as long as you have an app ready to receive those notifications.

Adding a webook

To add a webhook, go to the Webhooks section and click .

Note that you even though you can create as many webhooks as you want, you cannot send webhooks to more than 10 URLs at the same time.

Next, enter the URL where you will be expecting the webhook.

Note that the URL should always be kept up to date, and that you are responsible for the safety and security of the transmitted data.

Once you enter the URL, select the event types you would like to receive a webhook for, meaning, the notification you would like to receive.

Here is a list of the webhooks available in the Merchant Panel, along with their event labels:

Free asset access was given freemium.grant.success
Free asset access failed freemium.grant.failed
Payment sale with card succeeded payment.card.success
Payment sale with card failed payment.card.failed
Payment asset refunded payment.refund.success
Payment asset refund failed payment.refund.failed
Billing subscription created subscribe.success
Billing subscription cancelled subscribe.cancelled.success
Billing subscription failed subscribe.failed
Billing subscription cancellation failed subscribe.cancelled.failed
Billing subscription updated subscribe.updated
Billing subscription expired subscribe.expired
External payment sale operation succeeded external.payment.success
External payment sale operation failed external.payment.failed
External subscription succeeded external.subscribe.success
External subscription failed external.subscribe.failed
External subscription update succeeded external.subscribe.update.success
External subscription update failed external.subscribe.update.failed
External subscription cancellation succeeded external.subscribe.cancel.success
External subscription cancellation failed external.subscribe.cancel.failed
External payment refund operation succeeded external.payment.refund.success
External payment refund operation failed external.payment.refund.failed
Access granted asset.access.granted
Access revoked asset.access.revoked
Customer registered customer.registered
Customer updated customer.updated
Customer password updated customer.password.updated

Finaly, click .

Deleting a webook

To delete a webhook, just click the button next to it.

To learn more about the technical side of using our webbooks, you can read our developer documentation here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on support@inplayer.com.

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