Video Monetization + Cloud

While in-person events have been curtailed by COVID-19, innovation continues to advance in both tech and media and entertainment. Joaquin Lippincott, Metal Toad's CEO has been sitting down (virtually) with leaders of some of the leading AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partners involved in the M&E ecosystem - whose insights offer a lens into the future of the industry. George Meek has been in the technology field for decades and has focused on media and entertainment for most of his career. He has extensive experience with digital monetization. Today, he is the CEO of InPlayer, the world’s leading pay-per-view and subscription solution for OTT, on-demand, and live digital events.
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Video Monetization + Cloud

In this interview, George and Joaquin Lippincott chat about monetization, direct-to-consumer content delivery, and what he sees for the future of the industry.

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George Meek



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