Generate revenue and leads from your premium content

Grow your budget for content by making money on your videos

InPlayer enables enterprise clients small or large to simply put payment and registration services on their video and digital content. Whether you are a small organisation with valuable training content or a large organisation with 100’000’s viewers requiring SSO authentication to view the content we are able to provide this. 

If you are the best dentist in the world and can provide valuable video training InPlayer is already providing this service where our clients are charging over $1,500.00 per view due to the valuable nature of this content. 

Does your organisation provide paid training service? InPlayer can enable you to take this content directly to the your client base, manage all payments and subscriptions and ensure the organisation gets a return on this valuable investment

Whether you need to know who’s watching a live event or pay per view it or build a subscriber base to your content InPlayer has the ability to do this for you with the core integrations with your existing business platforms.