Spiritual monetisation revenu stream

Reach out and raise funds.

If you are looking to communicate your belief and teachings on a national or even international level then InPlayer can help with this distribution. Reach out to your followers located across the world instantly, offer them on-demand videos of your recorded sessions as well as opportunities to be part of your community via live streaming.

InPlayer is supporting a number of clients in this space as they strife to increase awareness of their conferences, church services, events and more. Using our user friendly monetization solution these clients are able to drive new revenues from their audiences whilst improving the viewing experience and buying/donation process.

We live in a digital age and it’s vital for you to be able to reach and grow your communities to embrace this. Using social media and video content not only enables the ability to reach a much wider audience more easily but also opens up new donation and monetisation revenue streams that may not have been offered before.

Our platform can be fully customised exactly to your branding, localized in your language and prefered currency and all communications with your customers can be set up exactly how you wish.

If you would like to hear more about our Pay Per View, Subscription and Donation based Paywall platform and all its rich features then please do get in touch with our lovely team.

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