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When you have an event coming up, it’s important to be as prepared as possible in order to maximise your revenue. The main area that you should devote particular attention and effort is around marketing and promotion to your potential customers.

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Enhanced Live Streaming Monetisation – AnalysisPro and InPlayer

7 hours ago

In this guest post, Josh Bryan, Sales and Support Manager at AnalysisPro, provides his insights into the current world of live streaming monetisation and their new partnership between InPlayer and AnalysisPro.  As we look to continually enhance our AP Capture solutions and live streaming options, we are very pleased to announce a new partnership with […]

YouTube Influencers Turn to PPV for Knock Out Revenues

2 days ago

YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI went to battle again last weekend; both with each other and to smash more Pay- Per-View records. This appears to be part of a much wider trend as social influencers look to grow their reach and revenues far beyond the platform’s that gave them their big break. It appears […]

Monetising a Fan-Base – The New D2C Model

1 month ago

For centuries, fans have flocked to stadiums and arenas to share the experience of cheering for their sporting champions and teams. In recent years, the way consumers watch sports has changed – with more people paying for online streaming services than pay-TV,  this shift in consumption has impacted business models for video services. The move […]

Flowplayer & InPlayer: The True Value Proposition

1 month ago

Audiences are consuming more video content than ever and across many different types of devices. Despite the huge proliferation of free video content on the Internet, the global video streaming market is booming and content owners are looking for ways to diversify their revenue streams.  New flexible monetisation models including a mix of advertising, subscription, […]

E-learning: Monetization and Protection Models for Education Videos

2 months ago

Technology has played an important role in improving and expanding educational content worldwide. Online video is the dominant communication medium in the world today. In recent years, businesses of all types have been getting involved in corporate live streaming. In total, the global enterprise video market is expected to reach $40.84 billion by 2022.  Video […]

Vidneo & InPlayer Press Release

2 months ago

London and Barcelona,  2nd October 2019 – InPlayer, the market-leading monetisation and subscriber management platform, today announced that Lavinia and its group company Vidneo has selected InPlayer as the monetisation platform to power live and video-on-demand monetisation services to its customers across the world.  Specialising in Spanish-speaking markets and the European government environment, Lavinia companies […]

Introducing New Asset Management Flow

3 months ago

In the digital technologically advanced world, one must always be abiding by what the customers want and prefer, and only that principle can make a product successful and user centric. Some of the most essential elements that make a product UI oriented are innovation, navigation, and, of course, interaction design.  To do so, products need […]

How to Secure OTT Providers’ Profitability with Roku In-app Purchases and InPlayer’s Paywall

3 months ago

As time has gone on, over-the-top (OTT) content has continued to change the media landscape. And in order to thrive in this increasingly crowded marketplace, content owners needed to produce immersive digital experiences at scale.  In 2018 and 2019, the media industry saw significant acquisitions – including Disney-Fox, AT&T-Time Warner, Comcast-Sky – setting the scene […]

How We Organised 3 Team Events For Teams of 50+ People

4 months ago

June is the month with the longest days in the year, so we decided to spend them wisely and make the most out of them. Having in mind that employees are at the heart of our company, we considered investing in team events as something which makes employees feel valued, builds trust among them and […]

InPlayer’s Latest Product Updates

5 months ago

H1 2019 has been really dynamic at InPlayer. From attending major video industry events to releasing new product features on a weekly basis, our people have been busy behind-the-scenes, working across different teams and making updates and improvements to our product. The new features we’ve released so far not only allow more secure, scalable and […]

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