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Sports Industry to Spearhead Social VR - InPlayer Paywall
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Sports Industry to Spearhead Social VR

22 July 2016 by

Social media has made the world is more connected than ever. So it’s a problem for VR technology – which has been making big waves in the worlds of gaming, sports, and fashion – that the […]

Cord Cutting and The Future of Television - InPlayer Paywall
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Cord Cutting and The Future of Television

20 July 2016 by

Industry pundits predicted that, by now, traditional television would have perished. Like the music industry, which has been irrevocably changed by the likes of iTunes and Spotify, television viewers were supposed to have moved to online […]

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SVOD Penetration Now On Par with DVR

18 July 2016 by

In the last couple blogs, we’ve looked at the rise of subscription video on-demand (SVOD). One of the most significant (and symbolic) milestones for the SVOD industry is the penetration of on-demand services equalling that of […]

Young Viewers Dedicate a Third of Their Viewing Time to On-Demand Services - InPlayer Paywall
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Young Viewers Dedicate a Third of Their Viewing Time to On-Demand Services

13 July 2016 by

Eighteen to 24-year-olds are increasingly turning to on-demand services to get their fill of televised entertainment. In fact, due to the popularity of services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon – which have seen […]

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Video Streaming: One of the Fastest Growing Entertainment Methods

04 July 2016 by

Streamed video on demand (SVOD) is still a relatively new concept. Even 10 years ago, the idea of being able to choose exactly which shows you wish to watch at exactly the times that suit you […]


Companies Need to Adapt to Ad Blocking, Not Fight It

30 June 2016 by

In the US ad blocking is set to grow by 34 percent this year – that’s almost 70 million US web users! Even worse for companies who favor traditional digital ads, this figure is set to […]

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Half of All US Households Now Subscribe to Streaming Service

29 June 2016 by

Streamed content providers are celebrating this month as the industry reaches a key milestone: SVOD (subscription video on demand) is now found in 50 percent of all US homes. So what does mean for competitor industries? […]

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InPlayer At NATPE Budapest

24 June 2016 by

Celebrating 54 years of service to the ever-evolving global television industry, NATPE inspires the growth and success of content development, creation, production, financing and distribution across all platforms through marketplaces where industry decision makers gather to […]

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Will Millennials Be the Death of Cable Television?

23 June 2016 by

Though the generation which first embraced cable television are increasingly cutting the cord, we’re not seeing cable television being abandoned anywhere nearly as quickly as many initially predicted. However, millennials are proving to be much more […]

News, OTT

Study Shows Massive Uptake of VR by OTT Companies

20 June 2016 by

The over-the-top market (OTT) is gearing up to launch VR-video content, with more than two-thirds of OTT companies are claiming that VR is here to stay, according to a new global study. So, what is it […]

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