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What digital video learned from TV

Despite the rise in take-up of online video content, 43% in 2014, there is currently very much a place for broadcast TV in the market. On average, viewers spend approximately 141 hours watching traditional broadcast each month, as opposed to just less than 11 hours for online content.

Connected TV

The trick is to use the best lessons from broadcast TV to maximize the potential of online video content. Although they are separate entities, there is still a lot that digital video can learn from its broadcast counterpart. We’re going to take a look at some of these potential lessons.

The adaptation of run times

Gone are the days of five minutes of video content. As online digital video has developed, so producers of content have learnt to adapt to the tried and tested timings of broadcast TV; 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Of course, this brings with it the need for scripts and contents to be carefully considered, to ensure the clarity and effectiveness of the content.

Customization of content for video

Discerning viewers of online video expect to be able to view content that’s obviously aimed at the online video market. It’s not good enough to simply provide an edited version of traditional broadcast clips. You need to take your content and develop a specifically designed online video product.

Ensuring the quality of each production

Online digital video content has come a long way since the original productions which were obviously the result of far less investment than broadcast productions. As the years have progressed so the quality of broadcast productions has heavily influenced improvements in the quality of online digital video. Viewers now expect the highest level of quality, whether they are viewing content on a desktop, laptop or any mobile device. Online content not only offers the benefit of improved audience targeting, now it also has the same level of quality as broadcast productions.

The importance of distribution

Much the same as with broadcast media, organizations cannot afford not to invest in paid online media. This ensures that your digital video content is seen my many more than just a handful of viewers. Distribution of your brand is vital if you want to secure the best returns from your production costs. Of course, today distribution methods include Internet connected TVs; a fact which further inexorably links broadcast media with the growing presence of digital video content.

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