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Sports equals passion. Are you at where the puck is going to be?

Live streaming is not new, but it is definitely something that is on the rise in the past year due to the huge acceptance from viewers to watch live events anywhere from tablets and mobiles to ConnectedTVs. We can’t forget to mention the most streamed live sporting event that took place this year in Brazil, the World Cup. With 30M viewing hours logged, the highest peak was reached during the Belgium-USA match with 5.3M unique views.

What makes live streaming so popular, among other things, is the progress done in this field, including the simplicity and comfort given to the viewer to watch any stream, from any device, anywhere.

This adoption to a truly digital world is knocking hard on the broadcasters’ and publishers’ doors and they are already accepting the viewer choice in terms of enabling Live Streaming and post-event VoD as oppose to the on-premise tickets sold.

Although the ppv price for Live Stream is usually smaller than the real event ticket it is still quite a new target market that wouldn’t be reached without the live streaming at all. This is especially the case for different types of conferences, music concerts and sport events which are accepted worldwide and have huge potential of reaching a bigger audience online than offline.

Sports equal passion. In order to serve a passionate audience and deliver beyond the expectation of the most hardcore fan, one must take into consideration all aspects of the experience and service, and mimic the experience of singing the anthem and cheering your team in their ear.

There are a few important things you need to bare in mind when preparing for a Live Stream:

– Choose a good video platform that will be able to deliver high-quality stream available on multiple devices

– Enable pre-event tickets on the website, Facebook or other 3rd party site to boost revenue and measure the interest for the upcoming event

– Make sure to have great support during the event for all user inquiries which need to be solved ASAP

– Provide post-event VoD available for all viewers who missed the event

– Use localization tools if you want to reach worldwide audience, including multilingual and multicurrency support, geo-blocking if applicable etc.

And last but not least, just a reminder regarding the ISF World Championship Softball that finished last week and that was streamed live.

If you missed the matches and want to watch a recap, you can still do so here.

Wayne Gretzky has said that a great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. Do you have your strategy aligned to where the future audience is going to be?

Enjoy and keep in touch.

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