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InPlayer Team At PHP Conference In Bulgaria

We are happy to announce that InPlayer’s PHP team is heading to Bulgaria PHP Conference, taking place this weekend in Sofia.

About Bulgaria PHP Conference

This initiative started three years ago by the first PHP User Group in Sofia. Their desire to learn and their love for the code was the reason why they took this to another level and decided to bring some great minds in the PHP community in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Like last year, this year as well, several top-notch speakers are presenting and talking about the latest developments in the PHP world. They come from 13 different countries and will talk about the latest PHP trends and development know-how from around the world. Topics include coding best practices, squeezing performance optimizations out of new technologies like HTTP/2, fun and inspirational keynotes and so much more that we had to a make word cloud out of them.

You can find the programme schedule here, while you check out the speakers’ list on the following link.

PHP coders, see you soon! 🙂

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