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How to Use Snapchat to Promote Content

Snapchat? What is it? And how can it be used? These are questions many modern marketers are asking themselves. Though most have gotten a good grip on Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat is still something of an untapped resource.

Why is Snapchat Important?

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media network and, at least in the US, it is the second most used social network. Because so many young people (12-24) use Snapchat, it is an essential platform for marketers targeting that demographic. However, more and more over-30s are creating accounts, and so its importance is only increasing.

How It Works

Snapchat allows users to send short videos and pictures (called snaps). They can share these with one or more of their connections, or else publish them as a “story” – which can be viewed by anyone they’re currently connected to. Snaps can only be viewed only once (though users do have the option of re-watching one snap a day). And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Because snaps are so ephemeral, users are more likely to post content that they may otherwise think twice about sharing elsewhere. And, since they know they only have one chance to see it, those receiving content are likely to pay it a great deal of attention

How To Use Snapchat For Free

Snapchat allows businesses to create accounts and, just like other users, businesses are able to invite others to connect with them.

With a solid follower base in place, brands are able to use the platform to share snippets of content designed to boost their brand image. Since the platform favors raw and unpolished performances, Snapchat is great for brands looking to humanize themselves or tap into a younger demographic.

Snaps should be entertaining, humorous, energetic, or silly (this is not the place for informative or serious content!). A good way to  think about it as creating mini television ads. They need to engage people, spread your brand’s ethos, and raise awareness of your brand. The more genuinely entertaining snaps you share, the more followers you will accrue and, ultimately, the more sales you will make.

Another use for snaps is to use them to share previews of any longer video content you have created. By providing a link, any intrigued followers will be able to follow it and view the video in its entirety. If this content is, say, blocked by a paywall, users whose curiosity has already been piqued will be more likely to pay to watch it. Click here for more information about how to set up InPlayer paywall.

Paid Advertising

Snapchat also allows brands to pay to promote snaps and other content. Because this content is typically very short, Snapchat has a “swipe up rate” (the Snapchat equivalent of click through rate) that is five times higher than other social platforms. This means that users will often swipe up from a snap and watch a longer video or read an article.

Summing Up

Snapchat is a great platform for businesses looking to target younger demographics. By making fun, personal content, businesses which use Snapchat well see a great ROI and build an engaged following.

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