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Donations plug-in from InPlayer revolutionises charity fundraising

If you think we are making a grand claim then you are probably right, but it’s one we can back up with facts. The team at InPlayer has had the Donations plug-in developed for a while and now we are bringing it to the charities it was created to help.

We use the word “revolutionises” because whilst conducting our research we have not been able to identify a product that offers exactly the same results as ours.

What exactly is Donations?

If you want to maximise the revenue you make from the promotional videos your charity creates Donations is a plug-in you need to know all about. Currently, when people watch your videos they may decide they want to donate but they have to navigate their way to your donations page, or contact you offline, to do so.

Jump forward to a time when you are using Donations. Now your viewers will see a message as they view asking them do they want to donate; one click and they are contributing. And don’t worry that this may seem invasive to the viewing experience. If a person doesn’t want to donate, one click and the message disappears never to be seen again. It’s a way of enabling people to donate to your charity, not a way of trying to force them to part with their money.

How does this fit with social media campaigns?

If you are like the majority of organisations today, you will be social media savvy in promoting the work of your charity. It stands to reason that you will want your videos to be used across all of your social media channels; no problem, Donations works with all videos wherever they are embedded. You can draw in viewers through channels such as YouTube then provide them with the opportunity to support your charity while they watch.

It sounds good, are there any catches?

We don’t think there is any way for you to lose out by using Donations. You don’t pay set-up or running fees, we simply take a modest percentage of the revenue; we are just as committed to the success of the product as you are. We have only been marketing Donations for a few weeks and already we have in excess of 30 charities expressing an interest. If you want to join them in making the most of your online promotional videos contact InPlayer today and we will discuss your requirements with you.

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