Action Functions

1 year ago

When a user goes through the steps in the InPlayer paywall, there are 8 functions that are triggered that you can use to track your conversion rate, registrations, drop-offs to for example monitor what traffic source or ad campaign is performing best. InThis guide we’ll show you how to use them. These are the 8 […]

Facebook Pixel conversions

1 year ago

Are you looking to promote your live event or premium asset on Facebook? Then you should make use of their conversion optimisation feature to make sure your money is well spent. Optimise your Facebook ads by sending conversion events using your Facebook Pixel code. The short explanation of how this is done is that you […]

Google Analytics events

1 year ago

This guide will show you how to set up tracking for your paywall using Google Analtyics Events and our paywall Action Functions. The reason why you would want to use this is to make sure you know exactly where the most valuable traffic came in from so you can spend your money and efforts on […]

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