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Deliver your training to a wider audience online

Whatever your area of expertise in the training arena may be you can increase your business and revenue by providing an online video training service. Doing this extends your potential client base to a global scale. It also gives people who live closer to home, but also in remote areas, the chance to partake of your service.
In today’s world, where the majority of people have access to the Internet, there is nothing to prevent you from having access to a global classroom. You can use an online Paywall solution to monetize your content. If you choose an option that allows you to charge for video on demand (VOD) you don’t even have to be available for the training; you can create a series of instructional videos and give clients the option of interacting with you via comments.


So how does using a Paywall solution work?
InPlayer provides a Paywall service that is easy to install and that can be fully customized to reflect your service. Your can charge for live streaming which gives you the option of delivering a lesson to people in various locations in real time. You can intersperse live training with VOD content so that those who are using your service can learn at their convenience; this takes away the difficulties presented by differing time zones.

Behind the service there is a wide selection of analytics and data which you can use to figure out your most successful content and to locate where you are attracting the most students from. This can help you concentrate resources into improving the content that isn’t doing so well. The InPlayer Paywall solution allows you to embed video content on Facebook so you can advertise your services through your social media platforms and interact with clients and potential clients.


Growing and earning on the Internet
You can see how using a Paywall service can help you raise the maximum amount of revenue from an online training provision. It has the additional benefit of combining your normal training routine with an online service. You can record online material at a time that fits with your other business activities, then charge students for a subscription to your VOD service. The Internet is a very valuable tool and you should use it to your full advantage by purchasing the InPlayer Paywall solution to monetize your extending global client base.

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