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15 Ways to Create more Traffic for Videos on your Website

If you’re spending money on producing videos for your brand the last thing you want is for your viewer traffic to be low. If this is the case you can change the situation with a bit of work and commitment. Once you start to increase the traffic you also need to maximise the revenue potential of your videos so you’re not just getting views; you’re making money at the same time.

So just what are some of the best ways to get more people to look at the videos you’ve put so much time and effort into producing?

1. Branded Accessories

Most businesses or organisations have accessories that reflect their brand; this can be anything from business cards and leaflets to t-shirts. Make these items work for you and include a link to your video content.

2. Social Media Platforms

Probably the most obvious way of getting your content out there is to promote it via your social media channels. Make it original by trying to get a topical twist on it. For instance you may be providing marketing expertise to small businesses; choose a current business marketing story and link your video content into it. Here are the top 52 social media networks every marketer should know.

3. Email marketing

If you’re a business, emails will likely be part of your marketing strategy. Use your client lists to target a campaign that relates to your video content. Use a relevant subject line that shows how the content will advise and inform.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t just apply to written content, it also relates to the videos on your website. Make sure that your videos have relevant tags that relate to what potential leads will be looking for.

5. Creating a blog

One of the very best ways of getting your brand out to people is to blog about it. This is the same for your video content. It’s great if your blog can relate to current news in your area of business; then you can link to your video as providing useful information.

6. Offering prizes

If you are monetizing your video content why not offer prizes, such as a free or reduced consult, to people who get others to subscribe to your content; or maybe a reward for people who include a link to your content in their blog.

7. Getting out there

This reacts to interacting with others. The more you view other’s content, and comment on it, the more others are likely to return the favour and spread the word about your videos.

8. Get into the press

This is a great way of building on your audience on a local or national level. It’s going to be easier to get press coverage locally, and once the word is out there you’ll be surprised at how quickly it speeds. A great way of getting press coverage, and benefitting the local community, is to make a donation to a local charity and give the story to the local paper.

9. Setting up a podcast

An interesting and exciting podcast is a great way of letting your potential customers get to know the person behind the business while at the same time giving you the chance to promote your online video presence.

10. Making sure you interact

Give people the opportunity to comment on your video content and make sure that you respond to comments. If people feel they are being listened to they are more likely to continue watching your content.

11. Making your titles magical

If your videos don’t have titles that make people think they have something to gain from watching them you aren’t going to get a large audience. Make people feel as though they are missing out of they don’t watch. 

12. Making your content consistent

If you want to attract regular viewers for your video content you should make it consistent. Try to publish regularly, and to a pattern, so new content is there when people expect it. You could even consider creating a video series so that people will want to know what happens in the next video.

13. Hosting a webinar

Host a webinar. People like to think they are getting expert advice so conduct a webinar where they can see how knowledgeable you are on your area of business or expertise. If they are impressed with the webinar they are likely to go on to watch your video content.

14. Attending tradeshows

Book a booth at a local or national tradeshow and promote your video content to those attending. You can even give them the opportunity of watching some of the content on the day.

15. Creating custom thumbnails

Visuals can be enticing online so always make sure that you have a great custom thumbnail for each video on your website.

You’ve taken action to increase traffic, how can you make the most of monetisation?

If you use at least some of the suggestions in this article you should see an increase in traffic for the video content of your website. InPlayer offers you an excellent solution to making money from your increased viewing. The easy to install paywall solution enables you to charge for live streaming or video on demand (VOD). You can charge per view or offer your customers an affordable subscription package. In today’s climate of an “on the move” audience the paywall is multi device friendly. It’s also a great way to check out the success of your videos; if you install the Inplayer paywall facility today you have the benefit of easily accessible analytics to help inform your future video content.

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