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"According to some estimates, ad-blocker adoption in the U.S. will accelerate. A recent survey conducted by Digital Content Next, a digital publishing trade association, found that 33% of consumers are “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to try ad-blocking software in the next three months."

Ad Blocking Has Penetrated Pop Culture: ‘South Park’ and Howard Stern poke fun at bothersome ads By JACK MARSHALL and STEVEN PERLBERG Dec. 14, 2015

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  • “InPlayer have been an invaluable resource to us over the past year. We have worked on a number of projects together and we can highly recommend them in every regard. Their skilled, responsive team are a pleasure to work with and the quality of the end product can’t be faulted.”

    Sally Foote
    Director, FEB Digital

  • “Thanks to everyone over at InPlayer – you guys were always right there for the customers. super helpful.”

    Chris Packard
    EverSport Media, Inc

  • “I’ve learned about InPlayer when they were Invideous and have had an incredible experience with the entire team from customer service to sales to developers, while evaluating.  I would highly recommend working with InPlayer – they offer multiple monetization and database collection solutions to for online video and incredible support!”

    Debra Bouchegnies
    Owner, dbCreative Services Group, LLC
  • “We have been using InPlayer for over 2 years. Despite using their generic Paywall, we have developed many custom solutions for Web, Smartphones and Smart TVs. Their agility to solve problems in very short time let us strengthen Filmbox Live experience.

    InPlayer has very efficient support team. We can get reply within seconds and have chance to discuss hours about sophisticated projects to find the best solution.

    Project management and deadlines are very essential on software development. InPlayer’s project analysis and project management are the strongest parts. They are always on time delivering the deadlines.

    As Filmbox Live, it’s the best fit for our Multiscreen video service”

    Guney Yasavur
    COO, Filmbox Live at SPI International

  • “We have very much enjoyed working with InPlayer and build the video archives and streaming service for our global audience. When the solutions to the many challenges was not obvious, the team at InPlayer showed initiative and creativity and found us solutions. The end result was a superior product and better experience for our fans”

    “The paywall product has plenty of flexibility and features behind the easy and intuitive UI. And it just works”.

    Ivan Farneti
    Head of Online, Glory Sports International

  • “InPlayer has successfully integrated a custom billing solution to our VOD platform. We had many special requirements in order to achieve this, and they fulfilled all of our requirements. We appreciate InPlayer both for their technology product and their great support.”

    Nimrod Margalit
    CTO, CrazeDigital

  • “I can truly say that your support team is absolutely amazing. That exceeds my expectations and I am truly thankful for that. ”

    Ralf Giesen
    Being With Byron Katie

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    Caroline H.

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