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Your users can now pay for premium content using PayPal

We’re writing this update to let you all know that we’ve built in support for PayPal as a new payment method in the paywall. But what we really want to talk about is how important it is for us to make sure you get the best conversion rates possible when using our paywall.

It’s about trust

So how is this related? First of all, by allowing your users to pay with a solution they recognise and trust they will be less likely to drop out after already having decided that they want what you offer. Do people trust PayPal? In October 2017 PayPal had over 218 million active accounts world-wide, so we can assume that they do. As long as your brand is not as famous, it is always helpful to piggyback on a bigger brand to get that extra level of trust needed to push your users over that last threshold.

Tap in to the money reserves

Secondly, there is a whole eco-system of online payments involving PayPal. People can easily get paid for producing a simple cat video and selling it on sites like Fiverr and thus filling up their PayPal accounts with funds that they’d rather use buying things online than withdrawing (because there is a slight fee involved for them to do that). So, by activating PayPal on your paywall, you allow your visitors to make good use of their online cash reserve.

How do I activate PayPal?

So this should be good news for all of you who are active InPlayer users. We wanted to release this feature to you before we have all the flips and switches ready in the dashboard, so to activate it on your paywall you need to contact us. Add your email to the list of interested parties and we’ll contact you shortly to set it up. First come, first serve…

You want to be the first to know when we release new product features. We have a list for that too:

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