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Monetize any content with our native WordPress plugin

Due to the versatility and flexibility of WordPress, moving parts of your site behind a “paywall”, where readers have to pay a predetermined amount or a subscription fee to gain access, is easier than ever before. The InPlayer WordPress paywall plugin will help you do exactly that. This native plugin allows you to manage your entire monetization business in one place, including setup of tariffs, monitoring transactions and managing payouts.

Start making money on your premium content with our easy-to-use WordPress plugin

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Monetize any type of content

Supports video, audio, articles… anything

Be it video, text, photos or any type of digital file, whatever you can place inside a WordPress WYSIWYG editor can be placed behind a paywall. Once you’ve added your content, you set your price and the asset is ready. You just add the protected asset with a shortcode to any page or post, and you can start selling.

Keep everything in one place

Any WordPress veteran will feel right at home

Manage all your paywalled assets in an environment you recognise. All settings and configurations are made right from your WordPress CMS. There is no need to log in to any external dashboard to add new assets or monitor your revenue from existing ones.

Adapts to your WordPress setup

Looks great on any size and flavour

InPlayer’s paywall for WordPress has a responsive layout that adapts to any theme and page layout. It is designed to fit nicely into any design and offers cross-plattform support for all embeddable media across desktop, mobile, tablets and TVs .

Effortless controlled access to your paid content

The seamless integration with your site makes it easy to get started, and from there you will quickly discover the many incredible features that InPlayer offers.

Fast installation

Get set up in minutes with our easy to install plugin.

Asset management

Manage all your protected assets in one place.

Tariff management

Setup and manage a mix of tariffs and subscription options.


View your transactions and earnings directly from inside the WordPress CMS.

Payout management

Get paid at the click of a button directly from the plugin

Automatic access to subscribers

Any logged in subscriber will get automatic access to viable content without encountering the paywall.

High level of security

Impenetrable protection of your digital content – InPlayer is fully PCI compliant – the industry standard for online digital payments.

Payment methods

We support all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, PayPal and BitCoin. We support multiple currencies to give your content true global reach.

Install the WordPress paywall plugin and get going in minutes


An entire monetization suite

InPlayer develops industry-leading paywall technology. We have a complete platform filled with tools that fit any monetization need.

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Do you have a special event coming up?

We offer tailored solutions supported by a passionate team that will go the extra mile to make your event a true success.

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