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Why Video Streaming Is A Good Idea For Your Church

There is sometimes reluctance in the church community to use media such as video streaming  to communicate. This can be because it’s not seen as traditional. The fact is that tradition can be a good thing but there are times that your church needs to embrace modernity, and the use of video streaming is one of them.

Before you even consider the practical advantages, you have the positive of appealing to younger members of the community by helping them to see that the church can be fresh and relevant. Too often younger people see the church as being old fashioned and are reluctant to embrace it. Anything that helps change that perception is a good thing. There are also several practical advantages to your church streaming video content.

Provide A Ministry To Those Who Cannot Attend In Person

There are probably some members of your community who cannot attend your services in person. This can be for lots of reasons. They may be housebound, they may be living temporarily in another part of the country or they may simply find it difficult worshipping in a group. If you screen video of the sermons from your church then these people can benefit just as those attending in person can.

Widen The Geographical Reach Of Your Church

Your church may currently have a narrow geographical reach. Using video content can help take your message to people who are further afield. This can include use by people from your church who use your videos to help with missionary work overseas.

Provide Services Even When The Church Building Cannot Be Used

There may be times when it’s not possible to use the church for services. It may be that the church is undergoing repairs or it may be that the weather is so bad as to make it unsafe for people to attend. On occasions like these you can film a sermon at a suitable location and stream it to the congregation.

Include People Even When The Church Is Full

You may be lucky enough to have a full church every week, or it may just be full on occasion. If this is ever a problem for you, in that you cannot fit in everyone who wants to attend, video streaming enables you to include those people who cannot actually fit in the building.

Raise Funds For Your Church Using Video Content

Maintaining a church can be expensive, it doesn’t repair itself. You may also need money to help with your community initiatives or with missionary work. You can use the InPlayer system to raise money from your video content. It’s a really simple process. Anyone viewing your videos can simply opt to make a payment while they are watching; they don’t have to be directed elsewhere. You may opt to have one off payments for certain events or a subscription service. It’s an excellent way of including the community in the ongoing work of the church.

You can see that there are plenty of reasons why video streaming content from your church is a good idea. It may not be traditional, but you are not straying from tradition completely; you are enhancing it with the use of modern technology.

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