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Why Social Media Is An Effective Marketing Tool

For the past few years, social media has been a place where you can engage and interact with people as well as brands.  Needless to say that life without Facebook and Twitter is simply unbearable.  There have been a lot of studies that indicate that social media marketing is actually good for your business as many marketers have claimed that using social media marketing for their business helped them drove traffic to their websites or increase brand awareness.

More and more companies are entering the social media marketing world, so here’s a look of some of the ways social media marketing can improve your business:


Brand Awareness

Increasing your visibility is very important. And the social media networks are just another place where you can present your content and what is your brand really about.  This is important as you become more available for your existing customers and new customers. For example, someone who is constantly online can stumble upon you in his/her newsfeed and sometimes being present on several social media networks leaves the impression that you are a brand they can trust and talk to at any time.

Brand Loyalty

According to reports, conducted over the past few years, it seems that brands who engage on social media channels have loyal customers. Most of them say that brands should take full advantage of social media tools if they want to interact more closely with their audiences.  Other reports have showed that about 53% of Americans, who follow brands via social media, are more loyal to the brands they follow.

Many Opportunities To Convert

There are many opportunities in the social media marketing world that you can use for customers to convert. Every time you share a post, an image or a video, that’s an opportunity to attract new customers, keep the attention of old customers and provoke any kind of reaction that could lead to a website visit and eventually a conversion.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that all reactions will end up being a conversion but in time the positive interaction increases the chances of a possible conversion. That being said, there is a wide range of opportunities you have on social media.

Higher Conversion Rate

When it comes to the conversion rate, it seems that people like doing business with other people and not companies. And social media is just the place where brands can act like people do. Therefore, the social media marketing helps drive more conversions. Credibility increases along with the number of followers so work on building your audience.

Additionally, many studies and reports have shown that social media could be one of your sales channels and using the right social marketing tools for your business can help improve conversion rates on existing customers and build trust and credibility in your brand. And these are just some of the benefits from social media marketing.

If you liked this, make sure you stay tuned for more on social media marketing, which in the next blog posts will explore ways of marketing on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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