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Why Having Video On Your Website Is So Important

We know that you are probably busy with running your business or organisation so we are going to get straight to the point; having video content on your website is vital. We are going to show you the statistics that prove this point and give you some tips on how to create effective video content and how to monetize it.

If you have any doubts about the value of investing time and money in creating high-quality video content, hopefully, they will vanish after you read this article.


What the statistics say

Much research has been carried out, into video viewing habits, and their importance in the worlds of promotions and marketing. One of the most eye-catching figures for us was one provided by Cisco; that 69% of online consumer traffic would be as the result of video content, by 2017. That’s only 12 months away so you can see how important it is to join the world of video. Other figures we found interesting were:

  • 80% of people remember watching an online video in the last month and 46% follow this up with action (Online Publishers Association).
  • In the UK, an average of 20 million people watch at least one online video each week.
  • Half of the senior executives who watch online marketing video content proceed with making a purchase (Forbes Insight).

The figures are there in front of you; you can see how much benefit you can potentially get from producing online video content for your brand.

Producing content that worksvideocontent-750x591

Although you can see that online video contact works, you should remember that it’s only going to be effective if you get it right. There are several points you should consider if you want to produce high-quality online video.

  • Have a clear message. If you want your video content to be successful then you need to make sure the message is evident. You should always aim to keep your message simple and make sure it is targeted at the right people.
  • Get professional help. You run your business or organisation well; that does not mean you can also produce great video content. Hiring a professional producer is a good idea, if you want to optimise the potential of your content. If you do work with professionals you need to make sure you listen to each other. They understand video production better than you, but you know best about how your business works.
  • Be original and succinct. People will remember your content better if it’s different; so don’t be afraid to step away from the norm. It’s also worth remembering that being succinct works, as long as people get the message clearly.
  • Use video as part of a campaign. Video is only part of your marketing and you should make sure it is integrated with all of your other marketing activities. Once you have produced your video content, make sure you share it across your social media platforms.
  • Keep up the good work. Producing one impressive video isn’t the end of the story. Once you give your audience a taste of what you can offer they will want more. This is why it’s important to keep on producing high quality videos on a regular basis.

Taking account of the tips we have given you will help you to produce top quality video content that works. Once you have done this you need to look at how you can monetize your content.

Monetizing your online video content

If you put a lot of time, effort and money into producing great video content, you want to make sure you get the best possible return on your investment. Using a solution like InPlayer helps you to make it easy to monetize your videos. The InPlayer product enables viewers to easily pay for content while they are watching. It integrates with different payment options to make the whole process simple, from start to finish. It doesn’t matter what payment options you want to implement, InPlayer enables PPV just as successfully as any subscription service you want to implement.

We have shown you why it’s so important to include online video content in your marketing. You can also see what you need to consider in order to produce high-quality content and ensure that it is monetized effectively.

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