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What To Expect In The Digital Media World In 2016

The end of 2015 is nearly upon us. As we prepare to welcome in 2016 what can we expect to see in the world of digital media in the coming months? What should users and providers be prepared for?

Below are some of the top expectations for 2016 in the digital world and video delivery. Many of them build on trends that have already begun to develop.

Continued growth of mobile viewing

It’s safe to say that people are not just suddenly going to decide that they no longer want the flexibility that mobile viewing provides. The need to be able to watch content anywhere at any time is only going to become stronger. This is hardly a startling revelation, given that mobile viewing has been subject to a 367% increase over the last couple of years. It does act as reminder to those producing video content though. The format needs to be mobile friendly with easy navigational system for viewers on the go.

Increonline-video-1260x840ased use of ad-blocking software

It does not seem likely that there will be any let up in the use of ad-blocking software. Research by Adobe and PageFair showed that 16% of people who went online in the US used ad-blocking software in the second quarter of 2015. This was an incredible 48% rise on the same period for the previous year. If this trend continues, as seems likely, it is estimated that the use of ad-blocking software will decrease global advertising revenues by around $41 billion in 2016. This already effects on the digital strategy publishers pursue, moving more toward subscription based model which brings predictable and constant revenue streams.

Movement from linear TV to online video

According to research by ZenithOptimedia, the consumption of online video content will increase by a further 19.8% in 2016. Much of this increase is being led by the increase in use of mobile devices, although the increase is expected across the board with an anticipated 6.5% growth on non-mobile devices. At the same time there is expected to be a decline in the number of people watching linear TV, following a peak in 2015 and the cord-cutting trend. The decrease is expected to be around the 1.9% figure. Another factor which affects this movement are the millennials. A recent research by Limelight Networks reveals that some 19.3% of millennials now watch more than 10 hours of online content per week.

Livestream domination in 2016

2015 has already been a year where video was king on social media. 2016 is set to see a growth in social live streaming. The foundations have already been set in the creation of Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope and final testing is well underway for Facebook live video. It seems likely that in 2016 we will all be commenting on each other’s videos on Facebook, while the action is taking place.

We are very excited to see how things progress in the world of digital media in 2016 and move our solutions toward the tech trends shaping the future of digital content and monetization.

Hope you will join us!

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