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Video Tutorials as Business Model for Sports Proffesionals

You love what you do, and you’re good at it. Whether it’s playing soccer or competing in the gymnastics arena, you’re used to showing off your skills in the live environment. Have you ever thought of sharing your expertise with others, and benefiting from it financially?

Video Tutorials as an Attractive Distribution Channel

It’s something that most of us dream about, earning money from something we love to do anyway. Using video you can create your own tutorials, and charge people to watch, while they watch. It’s like running a live coaching session, except you have access to a much larger audience.

Once you decide to create your video tutorials then it’s all about completing the process:

– creating the content;

– building an audience;

– collecting the money that they pay.

Monetizing Video Tutorials with InPlayer

Of course, you want to share your expertise because you love what you do but it’s a great idea to make some money along the way. Build a following for your video content, and this can be a lucrative venture for you.

InPlayer Paywall integrates with your video platform to allow your viewers to pay for content in real time. There’s no need for them to take time out to compete enrollment or payment pages they can opt to pay directly from the video that is playing.

Think about being paid for providing useful content about your sport, the way that two other professionals did about theirs.

John Elkin and his hockey instructional videos

John is a professional ice hockey goalie coach who has coached at NHL level. He produced a series of instructional content videos as an addition to his real time goalie school coaching. The videos all feature separate goalie techniques, such as positioning, holding your ground and slides. The integration of InPlayer with JW Player video platform works to monetize such useful content.

John Elkin videos

Francesca Giacomini and her Goddess workout videos

InPlayer integration with JW Player video platform also allows for the creation of custom solutions such as the Goddess series of workout videos. Viewers can watch these videos to help them learn workout techniques to tone and sculpt their body.

Francesca Giacomini videos

Why InPlayer?

You can see how InPlayer allows you put your talent to good use, and share your skill with a wider audience than live coaching allows. InPlayer ease of use allows you to embed your video content across social media platforms, so you can share your content and collect payment from your own Facebook page.

Not only that, but InPlayer allows you to charge as you see fit. You can accept payment on a Pay Per View basis, or allow subscriptions for a whole series of instructional content. You have payment options integrated, and the ability to integrate InPlayer with your own payment solution if necessary. It really is that easy to start monetizing your sporting skills.


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