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Using Social Media to Promote Your Live Content

Live content has always been an appealing proposition, and social media has taken it to a new level. If you provide live premium content, using social media to drive engagement is a great marketing option. So, which social media networks should you use? And how?

Which Platforms?

Facebook Live

Facebook’s new live feature – Facebook Live – is becoming incredibly popular. One reason for this is the fact that people will stay on a video for three times longer if they know it is live. For this reason, the amount of live social media video is increasing every month, with Mark Zuckerberg himself reportedly being obsessed with the platform – even going so far as to pay Facebook celebrities up to $50 million to produce live content.

If you are being followed by someone on Facebook, as soon as you go live, they receive a notification. That kind of exposure is priceless on Facebook these days!

YouTube Live and Periscope

Periscope and YouTube are also great places to share live video content. However, there are problems with these platforms – YouTube isn’t really a social media platform, and Periscope doesn’t have a huge user base. But, by cross-marketing your streams, these problems can be overcome. By promoting a YouTube or Periscope stream on your other social media platforms, you can attract new users. And, because Twitter owns Periscope, and sending a tweet which states that you are live on Periscope is a great way of getting the word out.

Strategy for Live Content

If you operate a business model that sells live content, using live social media is a great way to draw new in customers. If they come to see your brand as one which delivers value through regular live streams, you will gain authority and recognition.

A live Facebook stream, for instance, could be led with a call-to-action about a further live event you are hosting on your premium service. This can be done with an e-mail sign up, a ticket purchase or any other technique you feel will draw people in. Visit our page to see how we can help you do this.

Key Points

The live social media space is dominated by big personalities – people like Grant Cardone and the innovative company Barkbox. People tune in every time they share a live event because they know they are entertaining and bring value.

To match their success, you need to create content that resonates with your target audience. If you can to this, those people tuning into a free broadcast will eventually become people tuning into a premium broadcast. Make a noise about the fact you are going live, cross-promote your streams, and always include a call-to-action to your paid for content.

There’s a lot of potential for social media; if utilized properly, it can be the best marketing channel for your live content business.

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