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Time Spent Watching Video On Digital Now Equals TV


According to the latest report released by Millward Brown, titled AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World, multiscreen users spend the same amount of time viewing video on TV as they do on digital platforms, yet remain less receptive to digital ads.

The newest report analyzes multiscreen use and behavior among more than 13,500 consumers across 42 countries.

Total video viewing time in the UK among consumers with access to a TV, a smartphone and/or a tablet amounted to 212 minutes a day, compared with a global average of 204 minutes and a European average of 173 minutes. Globally, half of this video viewing (102 minutes) is on TV, one-third is now conducted via mobile devices (45 minutes smartphone, 20 minutes tablet), and the remaining (37 minutes) is viewed on laptops or PCs.


In the UK, the report said that consumers have yet to reach equity between digital devices —such as a laptop, tablet and smartphone — and their big screen, with TV, including on-demand viewing, reaching 62% of total video exposure. Video viewing via smartphone was significantly down on the global average at just 15%. The strong performance of on-demand TV viewing also helped the big screen to retain its title.


Other key findings from AdReaction report include:

  • Skippable pre-rolls (34% favorability) and skippable mobile pre-rolls (31%) are viewed much more favorably than mobile app pop-ups (14% ) and non-skippable pre-rolls (15% ). The most popular ad format is mobile app reward videos (49% favorable).
  • Consumers are slightly more receptive to viewing video ads while at home (28% ) vs. while at work (21% ).
  • Digital’s share of total video minutes is higher (56% ) between the ages of 16-24 and lower (43% ) between the ages of 35-45.

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