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This Saturday: BBAD ‘New Blood’ Available On Free Live Stream

Great weekend is ahead for all boxing fans. This Saturday, 27th June BBAD Promotions is working with Mercury Sport to bring fans ‘New Blood’.

You will be able to catch up the event LIVE & FREE with all the fights scheduled at the official site of one of our dear sports entertainment partners. Mercury Sport Network is a sports streaming site that delivers the highest quality coverage of various sporting events from all corners of the globe.

What’s special for us is that the live stream will be integrated with our InPlayer Data Capture, and our partners can gather valuable research data from the viewers.

The free-to-view live stream will try to bring BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) to the mass boxing audience. With all its specifics, they are taking the boxing sport to the next level with fighting events in 5 star hotel venues and football stadiums.

Looking at the agenda, there will be some great duels and new fighters debuting at ‘New Blood’ in all weight classes. The referee will be the one and only Mr James McCrory- the champion from Nottingham and the commentary by the legendary Stu Armstrong.

The event headliner is the fight between Clifford Grey and Nathan JDogg followed by two other big heavyweight bouts with Jon ‘Chopper’ Stone vs Geoff Sheridan and Paul Knight vs the unbeaten Billy ‘Bang Bang’ Hawthorn.

New Blood BKB - free live stream

Fight Card:

  • Clifford Grey vs Nathen J Dogg
  • Christian Evans vs Maly Richardson
  • Paul Knight vs Billy Hawthorn
  • Malk Fenwick vs Stevie Franklin
  • Chopper Stone vs Geoff Sheridan
  • Jimmy Sweeney vs Stu Jones
  • Anthony Hennessy vs Tony Crawford
  • Leon Coker vs Jo Clarke
  • Dean Byfield vs Jan Jurko
  • Stephen Wynne vs Josh Foreman

Follow the event live at: http://www.mercurysportnetwork.tv/watch-live.html

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