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The Power Of Video In The Sports Industry – Should It Be Used More?

We live in a sports mad world, and our passion for all things sporting is only going one way: upwards. The 2015 Super Bowl between  the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks broke all records, with official figures showing it was watched by an average of 114.4 million people per minute on NBC. This makes it the most watched event in the history of American television.

Television is great, but the younger generation want the freedom to watch what they want, where they want, when they want. In short , they want to watch the things they love online, and that applies to sport as well. You don’t have to be an NFL team to make the power of video work for you, so is it time that you realized the advantages that streaming content could bring for you?

Streaming Your Sporting Events

If you’re in charge of a sport team, whether professional or amateur, you’ll know the demand there is for it. Some people love the atmosphere of a live game, but others prefer to watch it in the comfort of their own home. Live streaming, or video highlights, of your games allows more people than ever to watch them. They’ll also tell their friends on social media about it, bringing publicity and new fans for your team.

It’s also a perfect solution for people who can’t get to your games, because of their home, college, or work commitments. Whether your team plays football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or just about anything else, and at any level, you’ll find there’s a growing demand for it.

Video Coaching

Sport is a great way to keep fit, and it’s lots of fun too. That’s why so many people go to the gym, or join a sports team. If your a sports coach you’ll know that it’s not always possible for people to make your classes, or practice sessions, every week. By using video tutorials, you can reach out to people whose busy lifestyles would otherwise result in them missing out on your expertise. The great news is that, thanks to InPlayer products, you can make money from your videos at the same time as you help your pupils. Just look at the benefits that can bring:

– Reach more pupils

– Allow them to train whenever they want

– Make money from viewers, around the clock.

Why The Sports Industry Should Be Using Video More

Our sports have a rich heritage, but could it be that they’re stuck in the past? We’re in the middle of a technological revolution, and those that don’t make the most of it risk getting left behind. Millennials love video content, and sport is topping other TV categories, according to Adobe research.

Sports tops media and entertainment viewing - Adobe

Abobe: Sports takes over from entertainment and news

Whether you’re a sports tutor or a team coach, you can make the most of this demand. InPlayer gives you control over how you make your content available, and how much you charge for access to it, as well as making it easy to stream on social media platforms.

Let’s lay down the numbers from one of our top tier partners. EverSport is a company that monetizes digital rights in niche live sports like college league events. In 2013 Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) used another provider’s technology to monetize their league’s championship and $53K were generated in the first 4 weeks. In 2014, WCHA partnered with EverSport which uses InPlayer’s products and generated $100K in the same first 4 weeks. InPlayer enabled an 89% YoY increase in monetization for the same content. Those are numbers that we are really proud of. The future of sport looks exciting.

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