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The infinite strength of the direct-to-API approach

As ready as we’ve ever been to plug and play our off the shelf product, we have also been thorough in our intent to always cover and expand our Inplayer API Service in parallel with our other client-side products. The API Service we have today is ready for a complete tailored experience and whitelabeled management from all parties that are interested in taking on the direct-to-API approach.

In the time of AWS and distributed systems and expanding need for integration and growth,  our API has grown into its own CMS-as-a-Service and UserManagament-as-a-Service.


The setup of the selling options, of the pricing points, geo restrictions and packages management is all available on the API level, so on top of setting this all up in the InPlayer panel or a iframe InPlayer panel in your own system, you can design and set the experience you want, and use the backend to configure the entire selling strategy.


We’ve started off as a system for managing access, but we have grown into a horizontally and vertically aligned system where you can use our service as a content CMS and a user management system. One of the biggest strengths if our architecture is that the user and content model are infinitely extensible with your key-value pairs. This means that you can define the attribute names of your users and content, read and update from them and use InPlayer as your own extended custom made system.

Our publishers use this mainly to write-in variants of playback options, as well as genre and rating info, as well as user info like, where first purchase was made, etc.


All calls are tuned to return results in xml and json, be mindful of IP location and configuration of the client. You can query how to show the right price per customer specifics, process payments, grant access, redeem vouchers, show the user’s past transactions if he is logged in, reset password and cancel billings. We think we do everything in the best way possible, but we are vary that some client and organization requirements may need a tailored approach.


Back Office

The big win for the organization and its staff is the usage of our backend system to manage transactions, support users, manage subscriptions etc. Or.. yes, use your own and offer all of this from your own network and legacy processes.

With the need of the tailored approach in mind for each client, InPlayer is already aligned to take on specific and large clients that want their case handled specifically. We will consult and build the business case together, knowing that the joint performance and success is mutual and we grow in unison towards the goals.

If you need to hear more, feel free to contact us!




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