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Is Stream Tweeting The New Hot Trend?

There’s one question that’s been on everyone’s lips in the past week, and it’s got nothing to do with the color of a certain dress. Is stream tweeting the new hot trend? That’s the question that has been getting Twitter users hot under the collar, and the early impressions are that stream tweeting is here to stay, so smart businesses and broadcasters are now looking for ways to monetize the potential of this eye catching innovation.

What Is Stream Tweeting?

Stream tweeting is as simple as it sounds, and even more effective. Put simply it allows the user to become a live public broadcaster through the video camera on their smart phone or tablet. At the push of a button, a message is broadcast to Twitter feeds that allows anybody to access your stream, and see what’s being broadcast. There’s also open ended live discussion available with the stream’s viewers.

Live stream tweeting

Why Stream Tweeting Has Become So Hot?

The idea of live streaming broadcasting via social media is nothing new, but previous platforms have been cumbersome or expensive to use, and haven’t been able to reach out to a live audience with ease. Along came Meerkat, and everything changed. Meerkat is the brainchild of Israeli developers Life On Air, and has seen rapid growth since it was launched at the end of February 2015. Their system has made stream tweeting simple, easily accessible, and completely free. All users have to do is download their app, and then within seconds they’re ready to stream tweet their show, their hobby, their life. It already has over 15,000 users and the numbers are growing daily.

Twitter’s Reaction

The Meerkat app gives added functionality to Twitter, but their initial response has been confused, even conflicted. At one point they blocked the app altogether, but under duress they soon relented, and adopted a new approach : if you can’t beat them join them. Reports say that Twitter has now made a bid of around $100 million for Periscope, a rival video streaming service to Meerkat. If the deal goes through, it could lead to even more rapid growth for stream tweeting. The day seems to be coming when live broadcasting via stream tweeting will be as popular as tweeting itself.

The Benefits Of Stream Tweeting

Stream tweeting provides a host of benefits to broadcasters:

– Broadcast without the need for expensive cameras;

– Reach a huge potential audience;

– Broadcast wherever you are, and show whatever you want.

In essence, the user becomes both the film maker and the broadcasting medium, giving them complete creative freedom over their output. It’s giving both broadcasters and viewers what they want, and for this reason there are soon likely to be many more potential stream tweeters that follow these footsteps.

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