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How Sport Is Using Technology To Improve The Fan Experience

The watching of live sports is one of the major activities in content viewing today. The major players in the world of sport have not been slow to recognize this fact; this includes sports teams as well as leagues and venues. They know how important it is to optimize the fan experience. There is so much competition that none of them can afford to be complacent.

The improvements technology has made to watching live sport are not limited to one area. There have been major developments both in the live streaming of events and in the arena experience. One thing is certain; the fans are the main beneficiaries at the end of the day. Watching live sport is a far more interactive experience today than it has ever been.

sports_medLive sports streaming

Live streaming has enabled the relationship between clubs and fans to become closer than ever. This is not just restricted to the major teams. More and more, teams from all leagues in even the most niche sports are using technology to stream content to fans and keep them engaged. As the presence of live streaming continues to expand, so it is becoming more available across all platforms. Fans can now watch content on their mobile devices on the move just as easily as they can sitting at home; all they need is an Internet connection. All of this presents a great opportunity for sports clubs to interact with, and increase, their fan base.

The competition in live streaming means that providers have to produce a good quality product. This means that fans benefit from impressive picture quality on any size screen as well as behind the scenes access that would never have been available not so very long ago.

It has become apparent that the remote sports viewing experience has improved so much that many fans no longer see it as necessary to attend the game. For this reason, venues are also having to embrace technology, to improve the experience for fans who actually attend venues to watch their favorite sport and encourage ongoing attendance.

The way technology is revolutionizing a trip to the ballgame

As well as big screen replays and highlights, many stadiums are now enabling fans to watch content relating to the game on their smartphones, and to share their own content with other fans at the venue. There are some who say that this detracts from the experience of watching the game live; but we live in an age where people use their smartphones all the time, so these developments make sense. Many of the modern stadiums actually promote their Wi-Fi capabilities as a positive to attending games and events.

It is not just about providing Wi-Fi access to fans though; stadium like London’s Wembley provide fans with access to specially developed apps. Access to this kind of supplementary information provides a more immersive attendance experience. Wembley is not the only venue to use technology to improve the fan experience. At the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn fans can check out the times of their subway trains home on big screen displays.

The true luxury experience

As stadia vie to attract fans, and compete with the ever improving live streaming provision, so fans will start to get a more luxurious experience when attending the game. This has already started to happen at Levi’s Stadium, the home of Super Bowl 50, where fans attending the game can get refreshments delivered to their seat. As new stadia are developed so they will continue to embrace new technology and the fan experience will improve as a result.

Sports at NAB 2016

Each year the NAB Show plays host to industry leaders, looking at technological advancements. This year’s show is being held from April 16-21 in Las Vegas. One of the much-awaited events is the “Unleashing the Live Experience: How Sports Television Engages Today’s Fans” Super Session which is set to include panelists such as Danny Keens, Head of Sports Partnerships at Twitter and Lee Zeidman, President of STAPLES Center. The aim is to consider the development of the fan experience with the use of technology.

It’s plain to see that technology is playing a very important role in the fan experience of their favorite sport and team, both remotely and at the game.

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