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Launching social signup and more flexible user registration

We’ve recently launched three additional features to improve access control of your premium content. The recent updates include adding custom meta fields in user registration, management of how many concurrent sessions you allow, and finally – this might be most important one – Social Login. In short, signing up to your site has just become smoother, and your control even more flexible.

Allow users to login with Facebook, Twitter or Google

For any new visitor that wants to pay for access to any of your premium video streams or audio – you can now give them the option of registering with one of their social accounts. The most obvious benefits of allowing them to use an account they’re already registered to is that they don’t have to remember yet another password. Another major benefit is that it will only require them a couple of clicks to register, as opposed to adding an email, password, name… and all the things you want to know about them. The effect of this is usually a lower number of drop-offs from the flow.

To set this up, all you need to do is go into your InPlayer Dashboard and go to Settings › Social Setup in your user menu (the one in the top right corner). On that page you just flip the switches to activate the social signups you want to make available in your paywall user registration.

Additional flexibility in your users’ registration

Do you need to know your users’ date of birth? Or if they own a cat? I’m sure this is relevant to making more sales, at least if you feel it is, we feel it is too. So we’ve made it possible for you to define your own custom registration fields to capture the things relevant to your business.

To set up your own custom fields you go in to your user menu under Branding › Register Fields. You can add dropdown select fields, text fields, checkboxes or radio buttons. You should know that if you’ve activated Social Signup and add a custom field that is mandatory to fill in there will be an additional step, after the social registration, where users provide that extra piece of information.

register users with facebook twitter google

Specify number of concurrent sessions

The final new functionality that was recently launched that we want to highlight today is the possibility to customise how many sessions your users can have running simultaneously. Allow them to go full on modern family style with one screen in front of each nose, or limit it to a single session and make your users cosy up together to watch/listen to the game/show/event.

This security feature gives you more granular flexibility in your access control setup. The basic idea is that you can limit account sharing between friends, or worse; between actual users and unknown hackers. When a user reaches their limit and signs in on for a new session, the one that was signed on first will get pushed out. The Concurrent Sessions settings can be found under Settings › Auth Settings in the same user menu up in the right corner where you found the first two new features.

That’s it for today, folks. But I promise you, we have a lot of really great new features coming out very soon, so stay tuned. If you want, you can sign up for our specific product update newsletter that will make your email ping every time we have something fun to say. A fair warning though, in the coming months it might become a bit spammy with about 2-3 emails/month. That’s just where we are with our development.

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