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NHL and MLB Will Use Twitter to Live Stream Games - InPlayer Paywall
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NHL and MLB Will Use Twitter to Live Stream Games

27 July 2016 by

One of Twitter’s USPs is its ability to deliver live, up-to-date coverage and reaction to events. Indeed, the platform is most alive in the midst of major political, entertainment, and social events. Now Twitter plans capitalise […]

Sports Industry to Spearhead Social VR - InPlayer Paywall
News, Social media

Sports Industry to Spearhead Social VR

22 July 2016 by

Social media has made the world is more connected than ever. So it’s a problem for VR technology – which has been making big waves in the worlds of gaming, sports, and fashion – that the […]

Live Stream, News, Social media

How Integrating Video with Live Events Can Boost ROI Pt 2

16 June 2016 by

In my last blog post, I’ve discussed on how effective video marketing and event marketing are when it comes to increasing ROI and engagement. Indeed, they have both become go-to tactics for the most successful marketers. […]

Live Stream, News, Social media

Live Streaming Is About To Boom

03 June 2016 by

Online video is evolving. And, for both brands and regular people, one of the most exciting developments is live streaming. Platforms such as Periscope, Meercat, Facebook Live, and Blab give users the ability to broadcast video […]

Live Stream, News, Social media

Facebook Expands Live To All US iPhone Users

03 February 2016 by

First it was offered to public figures, now Facebook has expanded the availability of its video live streaming facility to all users of its iPhone app, based in the US. The California-based company plans to extend […]

OTT, Social media, Video, Video on Demand

Is #NetflixEverywhere The Death Of The Longtail Digital Video Operator?

07 January 2016 by

Well, we’ve all heard the news by now! Netflix is going global with its service in 130 countries, pretty much circling the globe, on the surprise and joy of fans worldwide. The only countries out of […]

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