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Should Google Be Worried By Facebook Live Streaming?

To the casual observer, it may seem as though Google and Facebook are worlds apart. You use one as a search engine and the other one as a social media platform, right? Well yes, but it’s not quite that simple; both giants of the Internet are constantly competing to secure the major slice of the online advertising pie. This is a pretty impressive pie; its total revenue amounts to around £230 billion, according to eMarketer.com.

When you look at those figures you can see why any change to the offerings of either Google or Facebook could send out warning signal to the other. One such change is imminent with the current release of Facebook Live Streaming to a limited number of iPhone users in the US prior to a general release across the platform.

Facebook-Live-Stream-622x460What Is Facebook Live Streaming?

Facebook Live Streaming is the new video live streaming feature that has been developed for Facebook. It differs from Twitter’s Periscope in that it integrates with the main Facebook app and is not stand alone. Facebook users will be able to record and stream a video in real time and other users will be able to comment as they view the video. Of course, the general release of Facebook Live Streaming has not happened yet, and it remains to be seen how the limited test works out, but you can see why Google may see an impending threat. Considering the fact that Facebook statistics constantly show a rise in viewing and sharing of video content – the social media giant is becoming a veritable YouTube rival.

Also, the world’s largest social network is expected to add a new collage feature, which will allow users to combine photos and videos from a certain location or date in one post. The feature will first be available to iPhone users, before reaching Android devices next year.

What Is The Threat To Google?

Mark Zuckerberg himself has said that the future of online content lies with video; there are around 8 billion video views on Facebook each day. The last thing that Google wants is to lose many of its most creative video producers to Facebook especially after the have not long launched the YouTube Red ad free facility for $9.99 a month. The danger is that Facebook will become more and more of a one-stop shop for all things Internet.

Of course, it’s not the time for Google to panic just yet, but if Facebook Live Streaming does succeed it could have a significant impact on the Google revenue stream. Right now it’s a case of wait and see.

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