Paying subscribers to your premium podcast

The simple solution to let your followers pay for your podcast

InPlayer offers the easiest way to protect your digital assets and offers everything you need to start monetizing your podcast and transform your group of listeners into a community, at the same time attracting advertisers in numbers.

Creating additional “premium” content that can only be accessed behind a paywall is a viable option that can be leveraged to monetize a live stream podcast. A premium content can be a bonus episode, image gallery, video etc.

You can also offer your listeners a continuous membership that gives them access to your premium content. Additional content, media, members-only newsletters can all be used to entice your listeners into buying a premium membership.

So, if you’re ready to claim your slice of the podcasting ad spend or take advantage of the unusually intimate relationship that speaking to your audience can build, then take a look at how InPlayer can help you monetize a podcast.

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