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Flexible Monetization & Revenue Optimization.

For each video or collection of videos, define entitlements for access to your content: authenticated pay-per-view or subscription models with flexible access options and pricing structures.

  • Pay-Per-View
    One-time payment and access for a limited time.
  • Subscription
    Recurrent charge at regular intervals that can be cancelled at any time.
  • Voucher Codes
    Deals, discounts, VIP access and premium content.
  • Season
    Recurrent charge and access for a limited period. The date for the upcoming charge is determined by the merchant.
  • Moment
    Highlights, key minutes / moments of a live event without subscription.


With our comprehensive authentication solutions & APIs, authenticate users fastly and easily across apps, devices and connected TVs.

  • Standalone Services
    If you already have an Authentication Service or Payment System you want to be connected to the rest of our services, we can link your custom authentication or payment system to our paywall.
  • In-App Authentication
    Rapidly deploy fully customizable InApp premium monetization experiences across multi-tv platforms, connected TVs and devices.
  • Social Sign-Up/Login (Twitter, Facebook, Google)
    Allow your users to get started faster with registrations using their Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts.
  • Custom Registration Fields
    Add any specific questions or checkboxes that you may need to the signup form, as part of the registration process.

Industry-Leading Video Monetization Platform In:

Flexible Paywall








Global Reach & Payments.

  • Geo-pricing, Multi-Language Interface & Multi-Currency Support
    Our paywall can be set to speak the languages of your users, including reverse arabic. Your users can pay in any major currency with the option to set geo-pricing.
  • Multiple Payment & Pricing Options
    Receive customer's payment as soon as a transaction happens directly to the payment processor of your choice.
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Payments & Platforms Supported

Paywall Branding.

  • White-Label Paywall
    Deliver captivating on-brand experiences with a fully customizable paywall.
  • Branding Preview
    Preview and choose the paywall's look and feel that fits more naturally to your page. Customize the email notifications post-payments to match your brand.

Data Capture & Analytics.

First-Party Data

  • Capture and own valuable opt-ins and data with our pay/registration wall.
  • Easily export data reports via CSV files and/or webhooks.

Real-Time Analytics

  • Gather real-time analytics on revenue generated per asset or packages, in different countries and currencies, subscribers demographics.
  • Get predictions on user engagement, payments and revenue, access expiring over time to inform content and pricing strategies.

Integrated Events Tracking

  • Set up different types of events tracking with Facebook Pixel code, Google Analytics and Instagram tracking codes.

Content Protection & Access Restrictions.

  • Concurrent Sessions
    Limit the login sessions when using a single account to prevent the sharing of credentials.
  • Geo Restrictions
    Restrict access to your content based on countries.
  • Domain Restrictions
    Limit the availability of your content based on a webpage.
  • Age Restrictions
    Restrict access to your content based on age.

Security & Compliances.

InPlayer is fully committed to achieving and upholding ongoing compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR and CCPA.

Industry-Leading Support.

  • Our clients and their end-users receive an unmatched quality support before, during and after your events - in multiple languages, 24/7/365.
  • Help Center available in multiple languages, customizable to any brand and website.
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Best-In-Class Integrations With Premium Partners

Combine the best technologies and online video publishing platforms with the best subscriber management services to deliver a premium solution.

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Capture data about your users, filter and learn more about where your audience came from so you can go get more of them and learn more about your audience.

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We have technology partners from every corner of the industry, covering anything from 360° video to podcast to major live events.


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We have technology partners from every corner of the industry, covering anything from 360° video to podcast to major live events.

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