What is the InPlayer paywall?

... and why you're expected to pay for content.

We’re big believers in paid online content. With the major shifts of declining online ad revenue, we think both direct payments and subscriptions is the best option for content creators to not only stay profitable, but also produce better content overall.

Online content has grown immensely and it’s here to stay. Content creation and publishing has never been easier allowing any organisation to broadcast their premium content. On the other hand, more and more people are willing to pay for quality content as long as it’s ad free.

We, at InPlayer, try to redefine digital asset monetization by offering subscription, entitlement and payment management for rights holders, video and digital asset owners by means of using our product— the InPlayer paywall. By helping digital content creators in their attempt to monetize and protect their digital assets, we help their end users stay happy with their complete content experience.

With our paywall we’re able to support payments on any platform, with any device and in multiple currencies. Out paywall solution is easy to set up with multi brand support. Protecting videos, music, files, podcasts any many more.

InPlayer paywall is simple — one option, one price, one button. Your only choice as an end user is whether to continue or not. To pay, you don’t have to go through multiple steps or redirects. Our seamless interaction allows to get started faster with registrations using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts. You can also manage your own passwords and subscription methods. We support different payment methods like PayPal and Stripe.

Also, our paywall is fully GDPR compliant. You can find all you GDPR inquiries covered here. For any questions on how to sign up through the paywall we have quick and useful answers on both our FAQ and Support pages.