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Payment optimization essential in global pay-TV growth

It’s obvious that the growth in the pay-TV market is set to continue. Recent ABI Research revealed that the market grew by 5% last year, with the 924.4 million subscriber figure surpassed. As more and more people subscribe to Pay-TV, so it is vital that providers consider payment optimization.


Enabling a simple and all-encompassing payment process makes content a more attractive prospect for potential subscribers. People want the option of having different methods of payment as well as a wide choice of VOD and subscription packages.

What type of payment considerations are needed?

There is no one size fits all payment option, so it’s necessary for providers to be as accessible as possible when it comes to payment. This can include the enabling of immediate payment for live events, or a wide variety of ongoing subscriptions.


One of the most important considerations for providers is the ease of payment across all devices. Any method of payment needs to be available on both desktop and mobile devices. If providers don’t ensure this happens, they risk losing a large portion of potential income.

How can InPlayer address these considerations?

The team behind InPlayer recognise the need for comprehensive payment options and facilities for video content. As a result, InPlayer enables several vital options for providers.

  • Multi payment method options

Users of the InPlayer system benefit from being able to provide a wide variety of payment methods for subscribers. Methods available include; Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Card, Direct Debit, PayPal, ApplePay and SMS payment on request. There is also the potential to integrate content with any local payment provider or Telco billing system.

  • Multi-currency support

Any provider who is hoping to attract as many subscribers as possible, on a global basis, needs to enable payment in a wide variety of currencies. InPlayer supports more than 130 local currencies worldwide.

  • Multiple payment options

Most providers of online video content want to offer as many payment options and packages as possible, in order to attract and retain as many subscribers as they can. Using InPlayer, providers can choose to offer multiple tariff options for a single video, as well as whatever subscription packages they choose.

  • Wide ranging payment and content options

As well as all of the facilities already identified, InPlayer is a solution that offers providers the chance to attract subscribers with a multitude of options, including the provision of vouchers for certain content. Providers also have the facility to geo-block content if they choose to do so.

Research by Gartner has suggested that by 2019, global pay-TV revenue is set to top $375bn. This makes it essential for providers of online video content to access the expansive payment options provided by solutions such as InPlayer.

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