Make money on your marketing video content

Sell tickets to your advanced tutorials and follow up engagement with Wistia analytics.

Wistia is the go to tool if you want a stable video platform that gives you advanced analytics for how your users interact with your videos. Wistia is used by both businesses and personal users from different industries. If you want to track your performance and discover new ways to build and engage with your audiences thus generating more views and leads.

The Wistia application includes detailed analytics (such as viewer heatmaps) and integrations with external stats tools like Google Analytics. Their interface allows for complete customization of the video player, post and pre-roll behavior of the video, and an API which allows users to make customizations to their videos, accounts, and statistics programmatically on the back end.

Wistia is integrated to a bunch of different types of marketing and sales tools, opening up amazing analytics of videos to marketing users across the world. The company  provides users with tools to customize their video so that it matches with their brand. They can help with increasing website traffic and monetizing of digital content through video SEO.

Make money on your marketing video

The InPlayer paywall platform supports videos hosted by Wistia.

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