Vidict is a company specialized in developing software for live video sharing and streaming, video CDNs and P2P technology. Founded in 2017 Vidict offers cheap and reliable streaming platform for various on-demand High definition content and using our own innovative p2p technology makes the live streaming as cost-efficient as no other streaming platform in the world.

Vidict Live! with the unique technology of RTMP ingest and HLS/MPEG-dash with P2P and webRTC delivery enables video playback in every corner of the world and accommodate unanticipated peaks with minimal video latency.

Combining Vidict Live! technology with InPlayer’s industry-leading paywall allows Vidict’s customers to quickly and easily monetize and protect their premium media content. This includes flexible options such as pay per view, subscription packages, and other methodologies to support both live and on-demand content.

InPlayer does all of this while capturing powerful analytics such as subscriptions and revenue; which can be used to further understand audience behaviour and specific content. More at: