the new standard in online payments

InPlayer provides ways for online publishers to earn money from the online content published on their websites. This means that end users visiting merchant’s websites are able to pay for a premium content using our paywall solution.

Down the chain, the transfer of money from the end user account to our merchant’s account goes through what is called a payment gateway. InPlayer uses Stripe as a service for this matter.

This means that Stripe is central to our user flow, since we are using it as a payment gateway to provide functionalities such as charges, subscriptions, free-trials, vouchers etc. The integration with the Stripe system is done through their API. Then on top of our Stripe integration, we provide flexible ways for our merchants to manage their assets, events and pricing offers, as well as insights into their audience and revenue.

Regarding the flow of money when an end user pays, the money goes to our Stripe account, and we write accounting records in our system specifying how much of the money is our share, and how much the merchant should receive. At the end of each month we do a payout to our merchants giving them their share.

However, in addition to this, we also have a more in-depth integration with Stripe with their Connect feature. What this does is that it basically allows money to be split at the moment of payment, meaning when the user pays, our share comes to our Stripe account, while the share of the merchant goes to their Stripe account.

This is very convenient as it eliminates the need for payouts and merchants are happier because they get their money right away, instead of at the end of the month. In our merchant dashboard we have an easy way for our merchants to integrate their Stripe account, allowing the whole process to work.