QBrick is the only online video platform focused on serving the Nordic region. Replete with it’s own CDN, QBrick brings together all the tools necessary for the largest names in the Nordics to successfully create, manage, and publish online video. 

Enterprises, public entities, media companies and broadcasters, as well as e-commerce firms all turn to QBrick to help them navigate the sometimes complex world of video publishing on the web.  By partnering with InPlayer, QBrick allows its customers to truly make a business out of their online streaming initiatives. 

Broadcasters and media companies looking to monetise their premium online content can now do so via QBrick’s partnership with InPlayer.  Likewise, enterprises wishing to live stream corporate conferences can now ensure they are not missing possible attendees by providing Pay-Per-View access to their events. 

Bottom line is, QBrick’s partnership with InPlayer rounds out the QBrick offering, providing their clients the tools to maximise their return on investment in online video streaming.