PayPal is intrinsically simple and convenient, enabling their customers to pay online using only their PayPal password and thereby skipping the sometimes tedious process of entering financial info.

Payments are at the very heart of our business, and our customers need to feel confident when they make a payment through our platform, which is where PayPal comes in.

PayPal connects buyers and sellers alike and fills both with confidence that their financial transaction is fully protected. Ensuring that our clients and their end subscribers and viewers have piece of mind is paramount to our business.  Being able to shop and manage their incoming revenues with a reputable and worldwide respected service like PayPal is a win win for everyone.

Furthermore, many of our clients rely on our multi device flexibility and adaptability so the fact that PayPal works on every device, everywhere is essential for our growing international community of users.

PayPal obviously has a reputation to maintain and thus take their technical merchant integrations very seriously, and we, in turn, respect that and love working with them for that very reason. Top of our priorities is keeping our joint customers safe which is why we work so well together.