leading video platform for education

Founded in 2007, Panopto is the renowned video platform of choice for universities and businesses, especially built for their specific needs. Designed as a reliable and easy to use solution for the management, streaming and recording of all their video functionalities.

Panopto’s structure was specifically engineered so that any student, lecturer or employee can seamlessly navigate the platform, regardless of any prior experience.

Now for the first time, together with InPlayer’s industry leading monetisation platform, Panopto is able to offer their customer base the opportunity to make additional revenue off of their informative and instructive content libraries and events.

This includes but is not limited to subscription management and analytics, specific data capture and full end to end live broadcast support.

2018-08-14 – Press release about our joint partnership: Panopto and InPlayer Team Up to Simplify the Monetization of E-Learning Videos