Lavinia is a global group of communication, content and technology. They create, produce and broadcast digital and audiovisual contents. Their main mission is to offer communication and technological solutions and to create content for all types of screens and formats with a solid commitment with the innovation, the society and the people.

With almost 25 years of experience Lavinia is a powerful group of companies offering audiovisual and interactive services and content for any type of screen and network.

They excel at offering the technology of transmission, accounting over 20.000 live transmissions only in the last year, but also creating information and entertainment programs and formats addressed to multiple screens.

Creativity and technology are used to fulfill their clients’ needs as they are experts in Digital Business, creating Corporate IP Channels, designing and producing Transmedia Events and Audiovisual Marketing. Lavinia optimizes communication in organizations from a multidisciplinary approach and helps them to connect with their targets.

Combining Lavinia’s productions with InPlayer’s industry leading paywall allows Lavinia to quickly and easily monetise and protect their premium media content. Our partnership with Lavinia provides a great opportunity to deliver pay-per-view and subscription solutions to Lavinia’s strong customer base in Spanish-speaking markets.