Through their industry experience, Kaltura saw the need for a single, affordable solution which is how their bundle offering came to be. They bundle storage CDN even offers free transcoding for maximum flexibility at an economic price point. They are world’s leading open-source video management tool with more than 100,000 community members.

InPlayer and Kaltura together provide a feature-rich, end-to-end solution to the market – designed to monetise live and VOD on any device.

This partnership is special because it is available and accessible to streaming newbies as well as international corporations. Furthermore, with Kaltura’s rich media CMS and InPlayer’s ability to protect and monetise any digital asset our customers can manage video, audio, images as well as files.

Kaltura is big on customising once and then delivering everywhere so as to maximise their client’s branding effort. This is exactly how our incredibly simple, yet sophisticated white-labelling branding tools work too. The paywall and player should always reflect the best for your content.