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New Case Study
Georgia Baptist Mission Board

6 days ago

Living in a digital age allows spiritual organizations to reach and grow communities like never before. Churches, Missions, Congregations and other religious organisations can now communicate their belief and teachings on a national or even international level. They can support their followers and reach new members located across the world instantly, offering them on-demand videos […]

Geo-pricing: A Key to Global Paid Content Strategy

1 week ago

Geo-pricing and pricing intelligence is becoming the new norm these days. This is mainly due to the popularity of e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay which put the pressure on smaller companies to monitor the prices of their competitors. Just like many other things in developing a successful business, intelligent geo-pricing optimization is key to […]

Introducing New Restriction Features to our Paywall

1 week ago

InPlayer continues to bring new features and enhancement to its paywall solution and today is very happy to announce the addition of new restriction features, available through to the paywall user interface and our API. These are “Geo restriction”, “Domain restriction” and “Geo pricing” capabilities. Why use restrictions and how can they benefit you? Geo […]

10 Best Mobile Live Streaming Apps (2018)

2 weeks ago

What a better way to boost your business sales or connect with your audience than with a live broadcast, from your phone from anywhere you want using live streaming apps. Now, we all know that live video streaming doesn’t need no further introduction. It simply can display million of words by the help of instant […]

FORA.tv partners with InPlayer To Offer Clients a Secure Monetisation Solution

3 weeks ago

London, UK and San Francisco, USA November 22nd, 2018 – FORA.tv, a leading live video solutions provider, today announced a partnership with InPlayer, a global leading provider of paywall services, that will enable FORA.tv customers to monetise their live and on-demand video content. FORA.tv has been working with InPlayer for several years and together have […]

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