Groovy Gecko

Since 1999, Groovy Gecko has been helping clients stream video and audio on the Internet. As live video streaming experts, Groovy Gecko delivers streaming video into all kind of devices through many different platforms from social media to corporate websites.  Groovy Gecko is able to host their client’s media, and supports all major delivery formats.

Recently Groovy Gecko has custom built a Live Presentation System enabling the delivery of new functionality based directly on client requirements. These new capabilities enable live streams directly into Facebook news feed, live multi-language webcasting and live webcasts.

Combining Groovy Gecko’s technology with InPlayer’s industry leading Paywall allows Groovy Gecko clients to quickly and easily monetize and protect their premium media content. This includes flexible options such as pay per view, subscription packages, and other methodologies to support both live and on demand content.

InPlayer does all of this while capturing powerful analytics such as subscriptions and revenue; which can be used to further understand audience behaviour and specific content.