One of the world’s most deployed video platforms, Flowplayer assists some of the most successful content owners, broadcasters, news publishers, magazines, and OTT platforms in making the most out of their online video strategy.  In fact, after YouTube and Vimeo, Flowplayer is the world’s most deployed video player.

Flowplayer’s ease of customisation to match branding requirements, combined with the lightweight footprint required to deploy the player and integrated video content management system make it the top choice for organisations large and small.

By teaming with InPlayer, Flowplayer’s customers now have the ability to create and customise numerous monetization options, whether it’s a new OTT initiative looking for an easy to use, out of the box platform that can manage complex subscription options or a content owner live streaming a Pay-Per-View concert.

InPlayer equips Flowplayer’s customers with virtually unlimited options to drive revenue from their premium content.