DÜZY is a flexible and seamless in-video commerce tool that is revolutionizing the way online sellers, influencers, non-profits, agencies, fundraisers and video-service providers increase conversion rates on products and services, collect donations, fees and generate leads. DÜZY is the only in-video technology where users can shop, donate, pay fees or capture leads without leaving the video.

As organizations are looking to drive engagement, save customers time and help users expedite their path to conversion, InPlayer and DÜZY are streamlining that process: customers can watch the video, see the corresponding images, merchandise, service or cause details and pricing, while simultaneously making a purchase behind a secure paywall. With the addition of InPlayer’s complete monetization solution to DÜZY’s portfolio of services and in-video purchase platform, any on-demand or live video can be easily and quickly monetized via pay-per-view and subscription models, at scale. More details at: getduzy.com