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Will Millennials Be the Death of Cable Television?

23 June 2016 by

Though the generation which first embraced cable television are increasingly cutting the cord, we’re not seeing cable television being abandoned anywhere nearly as quickly as many initially predicted. However, millennials are proving to be much more […]

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Study Shows Massive Uptake of VR by OTT Companies

20 June 2016 by

The over-the-top market (OTT) is gearing up to launch VR-video content, with more than two-thirds of OTT companies are claiming that VR is here to stay, according to a new global study. So, what is it […]

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The Arrival Of A New Broadcasting Era For Major League Sports

27 April 2016 by

The thirst for Major League sports leagues such as the NBA and then NHL is a greater than ever, as is the hunger for more detailed content such as video highlights and statistical breakdowns. This is […]

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Why The Future Of OTT Lies With Live Content

18 April 2016 by

If you want to boost the amount of revenue you make, and be a leader amongst the competition, then live content is the way to go with your OTT strategy. There is no doubt that the […]

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How OTT Providers Can Overcome The Challenges They Face

24 March 2016 by

It may surprise you to know that OTT is not such a new development; ever since ESPN360 launched in 2005 there has been an OTT presence. In the years since then the number of OTT providers […]

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The Rise Of Streaming Devices In Content Viewing

23 March 2016 by

The days of watching content simply based on what is showing on the TV, or what is available on cable TV, are well and truly over. According to the latest Connected Home Entertainment Report from NPD […]

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How Digital Technology Is Revolutionizing Sports Viewing

08 March 2016 by

Make no mistake, live sports viewing is still a vital ingredient of any TV viewing package. Live sports events are still a must see that traditional TV providers know is a vital provision. A change is […]

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InPlayer Digital Content Monetisation Tools

18 February 2016 by

Video accounts for over half of all Internet traffic today; every day billions of videos are watched worldwide. You can see how important it is to produce and publish videos of your brand, business or organisation […]

News, OTT

Digital Video Trends For 2016 And Beyond

12 February 2016 by

With the continued emergence of OTT providers, and the ever growing appetite for consumption of digital video content, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the findings of a recent […]

News, OTT

The Battle Between Pay TV And OTT

02 February 2016 by

The upward trend in the amount of time spent viewing content on OTT services is showing no signs of slowing. It’s important to consider why viewers are attracted to providers such as Netflix and Hulu and […]

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