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Making OTT Content Work For Cord Cutting Generation

The world of traditional TV watching is now a thing of the past. More and more people are moving away from the TV experience to embrace the use of a solid broadband connection to provide their viewing needs. OTT is becoming a mainstream way of viewing content. Using an OTT provider, viewers can check out the latest content using a variety of different mediums. People want to watch the content they want, where and when they want to watch it as OTT providers allow them to do this.

In the US, Digitalsmiths recently conducted a study which revealed that approximately 55% of people used Netflix and Hulu to view entertainment content. Of those who were surveyed, 25.8% said that they watched, at least one to two hours of content each week on a tablet. This figure compares to one of just 19.8% two years ago. Further research shows that as many as 40% more people watch live events on tablets today as did just twelve months ago.


Why is OTT attractive to cord cutters?

The act of viewing content on non-traditional, non-corded devices has become known as cord cutting. OTT is popular amongst those who cut the cord because it allows them to watch content on devices such as tablets. All viewers need is a tablet, an app and a reliable wireless connection. This viewing experience provides more freedom; people can watch the content they love wherever they are. According to the latest report from Clearleap,  millennials are out front in the adoption of streaming services. Among those ages 18-29, more than 70% use a streaming service, but only 64% have a pay-TV subscription. And one-fourth of them (26%) have never had pay TV. Their survey also found that:

  • Movies are what consumers want the most
  • Consumers are willing to pay for services

Read the full report here.

What do OTT providers need to do?

If more and more people are watching content on mobile devices then it follows that OTT providers need to maximise the quality of the mobile service they provide. Viewers who get a good product will remain loyal to the provider that supplies it. For OTT providers it’s well worth working with mobile phone operators to help ensure their product does not suffer from poor picture quality or less than excellent streaming.

As more people want to access content immediately, wherever they happen to be, so it becomes more important to provide a mobile OTT service that is free from bugs and problems, to enable them to have the best viewing experience.

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